Online Motor Current Analysis

Electrical equipment is one of the most important devices in every industry. Typically, the care of electrical equipment, in general, is a general health check, such as checking the insulation through a thermal test. Checking the vibration of the motor by measuring it over time As a result, sometimes the electrical equipment is damaged first. without us knowing in advance causing production to stop.

The adoption of digital devices in the health monitoring of electronic devices is very popular nowadays. Because it increases work safety and can reduce the risk of entering the electrical work site, REPCO NEX brings its knowledge and experience in industrial maintenance. To develop a digital system, especially for electrical equipment, such as Online Motor Health Analysis for Motor, which is a system for monitoring the health of machinery in real-time and able to provide advance warning covering all damages such as Terminal Looseness, Short Turn. Rotor Bar, Partial Discharge, Contamination before it gets damaged This makes it possible to perform maintenance in advance and reduce maintenance costs.