SRoDTex™ (Slow Rotation Diagnostic Technology) is an innovative patented sensor signal capable of processing low speed machine fault detection. SRoDTex™ communicates and presents data through online softwares and mobile application, improving access to information, analysis, and real time monitoring.


  • 6  months of early detectability since the initial phase of defect for sufficient managing operation and maintenance plan.
  • Bearing failure in early-stage detection for low-speed machine.
  • Reduced opportunity losses from the unplanned breakdown.
  • Proven 200 units with SRoDTex for low-speed machines in chemical plants.


  • Innovative patented sensor with signal processing effective for low-speed machine fault detection. (<600 rpm)
  • Early installation without any machine modification..
  • Approved hazardous area rated.
  • Online software for web-based analysis.
  • Mobile application for real-time monitoring.

SRoDTex Specification

Features Specifications
Machine Speed Range 1 - 600 RPm
Maximum Temperature 120°C
Rod Material Noise Reducing Material
Required Area for Installation ⌀ 30 mm.
Required Drill Holle for Installation None
Hazardous Area Rated Yes