If the Bearing (Rolling Element) is Broken, at What Frequency Will It Occur?

If the Bearing (Rolling Element) is Broken, at what frequency will it occur?

The frequency caused by Bearing Defect that is in use. where does it come from And what is being used is correct or not??

Damage to rotating machinery usually starts with the bearing, when the bearing begins to damage. Vibration occurs at a certain frequency of damaged components. This allows us to detect abnormal signals with Vibration Analysis in both Time Waveform and Spectrum Analysis.

which we will know that the damage is caused by which part We must know the frequency of each component, which can be calculated from the geometry of the bearing. Today, REPCO NEX will explain the calculation of the frequency caused by the damage of the bearing to share so that brothers and sisters can understand the principle and where. Coming of the Bearing Defect formula that we use more and more.