Project Feasibility

Process and Technology selection

  • REPCO NEX performs process and technology selection methodology and procedure based on end to end consideration of our customers’ needs such as
    • Complexity of technology when come to engineering and construction
    • Key machinery availability, reliability and maintenance ability
    • Operational cost after commercial run that one key factor of investment return model

Preliminary plot plan and plant layout

  • Optimize the available area considering
    • Process flow
    • Construction simplicity
    • Safety distance of explosive containment or area

Planning and Scheduling for project execution

  • Set up execution strategy aligned with project requirement such as
    • Project Execution plan
    • Pre-qualified bidder, vendors or contractors plan
    • Work package and subcontracting plan
  • Define critical and non critical plan and schedule
    • Set up key project milestone and stage gate
    • Consider predecessor and successor activity of seamless transition

Construction ability

Study and find most suitable construction plan that fit on cost, time and safety

  • Transportation and Logistic
  • Heavy equipment transportation route and lifting plan
  • Off site manpower and labor accommodation and transportation to working area
  • How to find utility such as water and electricity considering cost and reliability
  • Permit consultancy

Preliminary investment

Support customers with investment/budget estimation under acceptable AACE practice.

  • - 50% Expected Accuracy Range for very early project initiation
  • - 30% Expected Accuracy Range for budgetary approval