EPC/EPCm Services

REPCO NEX’s EPC service aim not only to deliver a completed chain of engineering, procurement and construction management. We helps our customer since initial phase of execution, adding valued engineering and construction best practices to make sure our customers receive a competitive, reliable and practical EPC solution.

Engineering : Our competent engineers who expertise on industry standard of design and code are repco mandatory capability. We have in-house practitioner experience and knowledge that increase valued to our customers. We develop engineering solution with best engineering practice that most suitable to project requirement on optimal investment

Procurement Services : within REPCO NEX, our supplier network and quality management policy. We can deliver the procurement management solution to customers. Since the screening till selection of supplier we carefully chosen in consideration of reliability and competitiveness. Repco services provide full range since ordering till delivery control and management has been on site

Construction : We operate construction work under provision of safety, cost and time. Repco carefully develop the construction plan by evaluating the critical activity and providing detailed plan to ensure the project schedule. Deeply qualify our construction contractors by their experience and capability. Ensuring with our procedure to evaluate the right candidates for a job. And to reinforce safety control, we also develop risk assessment for critical and hazard work according to safe work and industrial practice according with international stand